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Tuesday 3rd October 2023, 08:30 – 17:30
Hall 1, SEC Glasgow, Scotland

To celebrate a decade since this symposium was founded, this special 9th annual symposium in this series, co-located with ECOC 2023, will be completely free to all interested attendees. It is sponsored by the European Commission and UK and European companies to allow access to engineers, researchers, scientists, exhibitors and anyone with an interest in hearing the latest disruptive technology developments in this ever-widening field including:

  • Co-packaged Optics and Near Packaged Optics
  • Photonic Integrated Circuits and advanced packaging
  • Quantum computation and communication
  • Optical computing and neuromorphic networks
  • CHIPS Act: the race for technological sovereignty in semiconductor industry
  • Optical interconnect in extreme environments including immersion coolant, cryogenic and high temperature
  • Advances in optical connectors and cables


The full programme and speaker line-up is now available

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The Quantum Age of Hyperscale

The UK has emerged as a world-leader in quantum technologies with Glasgow dubbed the UK’s “Quantum Valley” so we will be hearing from leading companies and institutes driving the new quantum revolution.

All The Small Things


We will hear the latest on photonic integrated circuits (PICs) including new materials such as electro-optical polymers for driverless, ultra-high speed modulation and the new generation of advanced directly PIC pluggable connectors including glass waveguide plugs (Intel) and metallic stamped mirrors (Senko).

Liguid Light

As bandwidth densities continue to sky-rocket, the adoption of liguid immersion cooling in HPC is growing strongly with efforts now underway to investigate optical interconnect in immersion cooled environments, combining the two most powerful power reducing solutions.

Co-packaged Optics

The interest in Co-packaged Optics has peaked with the logistical realities and challenges now dawning on the stakeholders spawning new innovative solutions to increase reliability such as very high-optical power front-pluggable optical laser modules (ELSFP).

CHIPS Act: In Europe the race for technological sovereignty is on as Europe urgently seeks to increase and retain semiconductor capability and know-how. We will hear from major global semiconductor players on how we best prepare ourselves.

The symposium is supported by the European Commission through EU-HORIZON EUROPE projects DYNAMOS, ADOPTION AND ALLEGRO and by companies Resolute Photonics UK and ALMAE.

Details are subject to change.

Organising committee

Tolga Tekin, Fraunhofer IZM, Germany
Richard Pitwon, Resolute Photonics, UK
Alison McLeod, Photonics Scotland, UK
Nikos Pleros, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Dimitrios Apostolopoulos, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Paraskevas Bakopoulos, NVIDIA, Greece