ECOC Exhibition 2021 looks forward to welcoming you to Bordeaux

Updated: 24th August

Applying for a COVID certificate if you have been vaccinated abroad (non-European) is very easy… 

To facilitate the stay of non-European tourists in France, the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs set up a specific mechanism to issue a COVID vaccine certificate of equivalence valid on French territory, including people vaccinated in the United States.

How to apply?
Just prepare the following documents:

  1. Application form;
  2. Your vaccination certificate, drawn up according to the rules of the country of vaccination, and clearly stating the type of vaccine used;
  3. Your passport;
  4. Your travel ticket (return ticket).
  5. Send these documents by e-mail to:
    1. Zone 1 (United States)
    2. Zone 2 (Canada)
    3. Zone 3 (Rest of world)

For questions, please see the information, including Frequently Asked Questions and an email address for assistance, at the Applying for a COVID certificate if you were vaccinated abroad (procedure for non-EU tourists) – Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs ( website.

In the meantime, if you are in France or coming to France imminently and need a health pass, please be advised that rapid antigen tests conducted in France (available on a walk-in basis at local pharmacies) serve as a health pass valid for 72 hours. 

If you have been vaccinated in one of the following countries: European Union Member States, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland, United Kingdom (England and Wales only), you already have an EU Digital COVID Certificate, which is accepted in France, and you do not need a separate COVID certificate.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Bordeaux!


Helpful links:

Once in France for Foreign Visitors

The health pass does not necessarily mean the presentation of a QR code on the TousAntiCovid application. Foreign tourists vaccinated with an EU-recognised vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen) do not need to use the French application. They will be able to access the premises by presenting a paper that proves they have been fully vaccinated in their country of origin. Tourists from Norway, Iceland, Switzerland or Liechtenstein have QR codes recognised by the “TousAntiCovid Verif” application.

Foreign tourists who have not been vaccinated or who have been vaccinated with a vaccine not recognised by the European Union will have to present proof of a negative PCR or antigenic test less than 48 hours old, which they can obtain and print out after a laboratory or pharmacy test.

For all your questions regarding the updated health regulations.

PCR or antigen test appointments can easily be booked in Bordeaux with Doctolib (Also available as an App in English).  There are several easily accessible places where you can book your appointments on the day or in advance, in Bordeaux city centre. The price of tests may vary between 25€ and 35€. Please see the map for locations.

Two local tourist attractions have set up tents so people can get tested without appointment. They provide antigen tests and allow you to get your results in approximately 15min. They also appear on the map :  Bassin de lumières and Cité du vin.

Bassin de lumières : Tents will be set up at the Bassins de Lumières until 30 September – every day from 9.30am to 6pm from Sunday to Tuesday and 8pm from Wednesday to Saturday

Free test with french carte vitale | without card & foreign nationals : 25€ in cash only

Cité du vin : Tents will be set up until 30 September –  on the forecourt of La Cité du Vin, every day from 10am to 6pm.

Free test with french carte vitale | without card & foreign nationals : 25€ in cash only

To attend the event in venues within France from capacities over 1000, the use of a health pass is mandatory.

On-site PCR test sampling unit

The organisers of ECOC 2021 are offering access to a dedicated PCR sampling centre for ECOC 2021 participants. This sampling centre will be at the congress venue on Tuesday 14 September 2021 only.

To get tested, you just have to indicate your wish to have a PCR test when you register online and to give a personal email address which will be communicated to the medical laboratory in order to send you within 24 hours the result (French and English version) of your PCR test by email.

Pre-bookings for the PCR test onsite are now closed. Please visit the PCR testing area onsite to book on Tuesday 14th September.

The cost will be 70 € for non French residents. Payment will be made on site by credit card only. An invoice will be issued to you.
The sampling will be free for French residents by presenting the carte vitale.

All participants who have indicated to take a PCR test on site will be contacted at the end of August. We will tell them when to come (either in the morning or in the afternoon)

On-site health measures

On arrival at the Palais de l’Atlantique, you will be asked to present a valid health pass each day mandatory for public events bringing together over 1,000 people, spectators aged 11 and over.

What is the Health Pass?

It is the presentation, on paper or digitally, of a proof of non-contamination to COVID-19. This proof must include a QR code.
Without this QR code, your pass will not be accepted and you will be refused access to the congress.

Health Pass:

The pass must prove one of the three following items:

  • That you are fully vaccinated (with an EMA-approved vaccine) :
    • Two weeks after the second shot for two-shot vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
    • Four weeks after the shot for one-shot vaccines (Johnson & Johnson);
    • Two weeks after the shot for vaccines administered to people who have already had COVID-19 (only one dose is necessary).
  • OR that you have been tested (PCR or antigen) with a negative result within the last 48hrs. Self-tests are not accepted.

Please note: your test will not cover the whole 4 days of the congress. You will therefore have to re-take a test.

  • OR that you have recovered from COVID-19, attested by a positive PCR or antigen test result, at least 15 days and no more than 6 months old.

Passes can be digital (on the TousAntiCovid app) or in paper form (proof of vaccination or test result). They must be presented in English or French.
You will not need to present a health pass for acts of daily life (commuting, shopping, cinemas, etc.).

How does it work?

Step 1: I download and print my badge received by email.
Step 2: I download the TousAntiCovid app to import my certificate of non-contamination with QR code, or I print this certificate with QR code.
Step 3: I present these documents, as well as an identity document, when I arrive at the Congress.

How to download the TousAntiCovid application?

The TousAntiCovid application is available on:

apple store google play


Respect of the barrier gestures during the whole congresss

ECOC Management will implement the latest recommendations from local government and health officials to mitigate risk of infection during the in-person conference.

The measures may include but are not limited to the following:
•    Social distancing where noted inside the convention center
•    Wearing masks inside the convention center
•    One-directional aisles and designated entrances/exits
•    Enhanced spacing in queues, such as at registration
•    Increased availability of hand sanitizing stations and disinfection materials
•    Increased cleaning and disinfection processes across all high-volume touchpoints (catering areas, surfaces, handrails, restrooms, entrances/exits, touch-screens, etc.)
•    A more “touch-free” exhibition and conference
•    Reduction of hand-out materials, such as bags and brochures. Participants will be encouraged to utilize the ECOC conference app for the latest content.

How Can I protect myself from the virus?

  • The virus does not spread on its own. People who have the virus are the ones who spread it. Therefore, the following measures can help you protect yourself (and others) from the virus:
  • Wash your hands very often or use hydro-alcoholic gel;
  • Use single-use tissues, and then throw them away;
  • Cough and sneeze into your arm or into a tissue;
  • Do not shake hands or greet people with kisses on the cheek;
  • Avoid touching your face;
  • Respect social distancing: you should remain further than two metres from others;
  • Wear a mask wherever it is obligatory to do so as well as in situations where social distancing cannot be respected;
  • Limit social contacts as much as possible (and to a maximum of six people);
  • Air rooms for ten minutes, three times a day.
  • Use digital tools (TousAntiCovid).