Monday 2nd October

Start time Finish time Title Speaker Company
10:00 10:30 Optical Connectivity for Embedded Systems – Advancements & Use Cases Matthew Burns

Global Director, Technical Marketing

10:40 11:10 Securing the next generation transport networks with AMD’s programmable Silicon Awanish Verma, Director – Technical Marketing AMD
11:20 11:50 Expanding the Applications Scope with Intelligent Coherent Pluggables Fady Masoud, Senior Director for Solutions Marketing Infinera
12:00 12:30 Ultra Optical System for sustainable terabit networking Muhammad Sarwar Fujitsu Network Communications
12:40 14:40 IPEC 2-hr IPEC
12:40 –12:45 Opening
12:45 – 12:55 Welcome & Intro Hideki Isono, Vice President, IPEC & Consultant, Fujitsu Optical Components/ IGS Consulting
12:55 – 13:10 Exploration and Prospect of OIO and LPO by IPEC Advanced Technology Working Group Eric Bernier, Chief Editor, IPEC
13:10 – 13:25 Progress of the IPEC Wireless Fronthaul 50G Standard Project Jia Feng, Chief Editor, IPEC
13:25 – 13:40 IPEC Test Specifications and Platforms for 400G&800G Lu Liu, Chair of PlugFest Working Group, IPEC & Senior Engineer of CAICT
13:40 – 13:55 The Perfect Storm at 800G Jim Theodoras, IPEC Member & Vice President, Research & Development, HG Genuine USA
13:55 – 14:10 Linear Pluggable Optics Modules for Data Center Interconnects Michael Xin, IPEC Member & VP of Sales and Marketing, CIG USA.
14:10 – 14:25 100T High Density VSFF Optical Interconnects Tiger Ninomiya, IPEC Member & Senior Technologist, Senko Advanced Components Inc.
14:25 – 14:40 TBD Richard Xiao, Vice President, GM of Optical Interconnection BU, Linktel Technologies
14:50 15:20 Scaling to 800G pluggables: Opportunities and challenges for coherent Frank Chang, Senior Director, Product Line Management Ciena
15:30 16:00 QXP Innovative Silicon-based new materials for Photonic Integration Doug Cheng, Doctor, Founder QXP Technologies Inc.
16:10 16:40 TeraVERSE: Unleash CPO with Detachable HVM Fiber Connectivity Amit Miron, VP Product Management Teramount
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Tuesday  3rd October

Start time Finish time Title Speaker Company
09:30 09:50 Versatile Micro-Optics for Miniaturizing and Enabling Emerging Optical Systems Wilfried Noell (Senior Principle Scientist) SUSS MicroOptics SA
10:00 11:30 The Open XR Forum Industry Update Multiple speakers Infinera
11:40 13:00 ECOC Industry Awards ECOC
13:00 14:30 An introduction to the Dutch semiconductor and integrated photonics ecosystems covering the entire supply chain Carol de Vries, Chief Technology Officer at PhotonDelta and Ben van der Zon, program manager internationalisation and innovation at Holland High Tech
14:40 15:10 Scaling 3D Laser Lithography-Based Packaging of Hybrid Multi-Chip Assemblies from Prototyping to Volume Production Thorsten Mayer,CEO Vanguard Automation
15:20 15:50 Advantages of Optical CXL for Disaggregated Compute Architectures Ron Swartzentruber, Director of Engineering Lightelligence
16:00 16:30 Silicon Photonics and LiDAR Sensing Technology Marcus Yang, Sr. Director, Head of Silicon Photonics Sensing Intel Corporation
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Wednesday  4th October

Start time Finish time Title Speaker Company
09:30 10:00 Introduction to PIC packaging and the new Swiss PIC photonics integration center Peter Morten Moselund, CEO Swiss PIC
10:10 10:40 Wire Bondable NTC thermistor and AuSn alloy solder paste for Thermal management in Optical module Kobun Oh Mitsubishi Materials Corp
10:50 11:20 Integrated InP Platform from 10GB to 100GB Applications and beyond Dr. Xin Chen Ipswich Research Centre,  Huawei Technologies UK Research & Develop ltd.
11:50 14:50 EPIC Techwatch
11:50 – 12:05 Welcome and introduction by EPIC
12:05 – 12:20 VLC Photonics – Scaling up the photonic testing back-end Iñigo Artundo, CEO
12:20 – 12:35 VPIphotonics – System-aware PIC Design for FSO, Quantum, and Telecom Applications Chris Maloney, Director of Business Development
12:35 – 12:50 Ligentec – Volume ready fabrication of low loss photonic integrated circuits Michael Gieselmann, Co-Founder
12:50 – 13:05 Vario Optics – On-board photonic integration – closing the gap between PICs and optical glass fibers Nikolaus Flöry, Business Development Manager
13:05 – 13:20 Fraunhofer HHI –  RFconnect – A compact RF PIC assembly for fast and convenient prototype development up to 40 GHz Axel Schönau, Research Associate/Project Manager
13:20 – 13:35 Quantifi Photonics Iannick Monfils, CTO
13:35 – 13:50 FEMTOprint – Laser-based 3D micro-manufacturing of high precision components for fiber-to-chip connectivity in integrated & quantum photonics Rolando Ferrini, Chief Regional Officer (CRO) & Head of FEMTOprint Neuchâtel
13:50 – 14:05 Albis Optoelectronics Hektor Meier, Head of Product Development
14:05 – 14:20 Vector Photonics – PCSELs For Quantum Applications  Euan Livingston, Director of Sales and Marketing
14:20 – 14:35 MicroAlign – Micro actuators for independent manipulation of optical fibers in a fiber array: a route towards perfect fiber array connectivity  Simone Cardarelli, CEO
14:35 – 14:50 Networking
15:00 15:30 Modulators for Applications at 100 GHz and Beyond Stephan Koch, VP M&S Polariton Technologies Ltd
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