Monday 1st November

11:0011:30Pluggable coherent optics drive new challenges for inter-opPaul BrooksVIAVI Solutions
11:4012:10100G/400G/800G Extended Reach Technologies, Standard and Applications.Rangchen YuSifotonics
12:2012:50NGSFP-DD the 5G form factorDavid Binder, Business Development ManagerYamaichi Electronics Deutschland GmbH
13:0013:30Creating Scalable and Flexible Future-Proof Networks with Programmable Optical System-on-ChipHarald GraberEFFECT Photonics

Tuesday 2nd November

11:0011:30Multi Lambda Fiber Coupling solutions for Chip on board and Co-Packaged OpticsDirk GötzlHUBER + SUHNER Cube Optics AG
11:4012:10True PAM4 AOC for huge volume deployment in advanced data center using innovative self-aligned optical engine manufacturingYung SonOptomind Inc
13:0013:30Expanded share of VCSELs in Data CenterDipak ChudasamaTRUMPF Photonic Components
13:4014:10XR Optics Overview and ApplicationsFady Masoud, Director, Solutions MarketingInfinera
15:1515:30Award winner interviewECOC Exhibition Industry Awards
15:3015:45Award winner interviewECOC Exhibition Industry Awards
15:4516:00Award winner interviewECOC Exhibition Industry Awards
16:0016:15Award winner interviewECOC Exhibition Industry Awards
16:1516:30Award winner interviewECOC Exhibition Industry Awards

Product Focus session details

Monday 1st November

Company: VIAVI Solutions
Title: Pluggable coherent optics drive new challenges for inter-op
Paul Brooks

Pluggable coherent optics are now becoming available at 400Gb for both ZR and CFP2/DCO applications – encompassing both classic DWDM and emerging DCI ecosystems. A key driver in any open multi-vendor standards based ecosystem is plug and play inter-op.

This presentation reviews the key area where the addition functionality and complexity drives inter-op challenges beyond the traditional photonic domain focus.

The material highlights what can be done to drive module interop across the key areas of photonic, host interface and host management while meeting all the challenges of time to market and increased functionality.


Company: Sifotonics
Title: 100G/400G/800G Extended Reach Technologies, Standard and Applications
Speakers: Rangchen Yu

We will discuss progress made in standardization and MSA, such as 100G Lambda MSA, on extended reach optical solutions based on 100G PAM4 Technology. The focus will be on exploring 100G, 400G and 800G extended reach transceiver solutions. We will discuss the applications in 5G and data center connectivity for these new generation of 400G and 800G extended reach solutions. We will also cover how to extend the technology to 200G PAM4 IM-DD for future generation optical solutions.



Company: Yamaichi Electronics Deutschland GmbH
Title: TBC
David Binder, Business Development Manager Data Networking

In the global 5G rollout, both technical and geopolitical factors apply. A 5G front-end unit may have a different hardware spec in China than in the EU. Narrowed down to the pluggable I/O transceiver interface we expect SFP(x) to dominate in the EU, and NGSFP in China. Yamaichi Electronics developed a “one fits all” pluggable I/O host connector, complying with SFP(x), DSFP and NGSFP – aiming to seize the combined quantity potential of the Chinese and European roll out. In this webinar, we would like to introduce our host connector, which is backwards compatible, cross-compliant and future ready up to 112G-PAM4/Ch.


Company: EFFECT Photonics
Title: Creating Scalable and Flexible Future-Proof Networks with Programmable Optical System-on-Chip
Speakers: Harald Graber, Chief Commercial Officer – EFFECT Photonics

Network traffic is growing exponentially, but investments in infrastructure and operational costs cannot. This drives the need for an agile, scalable, and flexible solution, that is not dependent on hardware-based innovation cycles. Software-based networking solutions that expose reconfigurability to the network orchestrator and intelligent network optimisation algorithms are a key part of this evolution. Programmable Optical System-on-Chips with open interfaces are a crucial, versatile building block of DevOps and the networks of the future.


Tuesday 2nd November

Company: HUBER + SUHNER Cube Optics AG
Title: Multi Lambda Fiber Coupling solutions for Chip on board and Co-Packaged Optics
Speakers: Dirk Goetzl, Manager RF Electronic

Next generation of 800G and 1,6T transceivers brings new challenges regarding the optical coupling and the integration of a multiplexer or demultiplexer in the transceiver.  Co-Packaged optics or Chip on board engines need low loss, high performance and stable optics with a matched beam characteristic especially for silicon photonics. The optical coupling needs to have a small form factor to allow a high density for coupling on the chip and due to available space in small form factors.
To solve these challenges different solutions are available which are discussed in this session to find the best solution for the application.


Company: Optomind Inc
Title: True PAM4 AOC for huge volume deployment in advanced data center using innovative self-aligned optical engine manufacturing
Speakers: Yung Son, Chief Marketing Officer

Optomind’s advanced optical engine technology has enabled PAM4 as well as NRZ AOC with analog CDR to meet all the requirements including high performance, lowest power, and shortest latency at a disruptive pricing.

Its innovative design implemented self-alignment between the optical device and optical fiber without any high precision vision assembly machine that enhances productivity and reduces huge manufacturing cost and delay in quick ramp-up volume.

Our PAM4 AOC is the best-in-class product using analog CDR, which is a key breakthrough in applications for higher performance computing (HPC) and advanced cloud data center including artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Company: ePIXfab – the European Silicon Photonics Alliance
Title: R&D priorities of open-access silicon photonics technologies
Speakers: Dr Abdul Rahim, Manager

Silicon photonics is turning pervasive as a growing number of markets seek to embed silicon photonics into the next generation of their products. A technology primarily linked to datacom/telecom applications now enables solutions for high-performance computing, LiDAR, environmental sensing, structural health monitoring, medical diagnostics, etc. Open-access silicon photonics fabs envision aligning their R&D efforts to offer technology platforms supporting an extended range of functionalities and products. There are multiple dimensions of R&D priorities pursued by open-access silicon photonics technologies. This talk will exclusively touch upon wafer-scale heterogeneous integration to offer high-performance modulators and laser sources in silicon photonics.


Company: TRUMPF Photonic Components
Title: Expanded share of VCSELs in Data Center
Speakers: Dipak Chudasama, Director, Business Development Datacom

Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) has played a key role in datacom including all important Data Center applications.  A high volume of VCSEL based Active Optical Cables (AOC) and transceivers are deployed ranging in data rates from 1Gbps to 400Gbps pushing distances up to 100m. New technologies are emerging to expand the VCSEL applications with high reliability and lower power consumption reaching longer distances at lower cost. Will VCSEL ‘s share expand to distances of 500m, 2km and 10km typically addressed by edge-emitter lasers?