The Product Focus theatre is run in conjunction with Market Focus and features presentations covering the latest innovative products, live demonstrations and technology announcements.

The Product Focus sessions run parallel to Market Focus and the timetable will be announced later this year.

We have a number of 15-30 minute slots available which can be used in whichever format suits your presentation or announcement – this could be a workshop, demonstration, panel discussion or presentation.

If you would like to find out more about securing a Product Focus slot please contact the team on sales@ecocexhibitioncom to discuss your requirements.

Catch up on Product Focus sessions from 2021

Last year Product Focus featured live sessions from EPIC, VIAVI, Infinera, Optomind, TRUMPF, along with virtual sessions from E Solutions, II-VI, Marvell, Ciena, Infinera and Semtech.

Watch some of the presentations from Product Focus, as well as sessions from Market Focus in 2021.

Click here to watch onlineĀ