Monday Morning – Components/ICs/PICs/fiber

Day Start Finish Title Company Speaker
Monday 19th 12:00 12:20 Utilizing foundries to scale hybrid electro-optic polymer modulators Lightwave Logic Inc Dr. Michael Lebby, CEO  and Dr. John Zyskind, VP Engineering
Monday 19th 12:25 12:45 Silicon Photonics Technologies Supporting Wide Range of Telecom and Data Center Applications SiFotonics Technologies Rang-Chen Yu, Sr. Vice President
Monday 19th 12:50 13:10 Thin-film Lithium Niobate, a commercially viable, scalable, and low power modulator solution for high-speed applications HyperLight Corporation Christian Reimer, PhD  Head of Product, Co-Founder
Monday 19th 13:15 13:35 Low loss PICs: From fast prototyping to high volumes LIGENTEC Michael Geiselmann, Managing Director
Monday 19th 13:40 14:00 High-speed testing for PICs VLC Photonics (a Hitachi group company) Iñigo Artundo, CEO
Monday 19th 14:05 14:25 Advanced InP DFB Laser Sources for Silicon Photonics Hybrid Integration Sivers Photonics Andy McKee,  CTO
Monday 19th 14:30 14:50 Fibre Innovations for Scale and Sustainability Corning Incorporated Roshene McCool, Senior Market & Technology Development Manager

Tuesday Morning – Modules/sub-systems/connectors/line-cards

Day Start Finish Title Company Speaker
Tuesday 20th 10:00 10:25 Next Generation Coherent Interfaces: Standardized Pluggable vs Proprietary Multi-haul Acacia, now part of Cisco Tom Williams  Sr. Director of Marketing
Tuesday 20th 10:30 10:50 Optical I/O technology to meet future demands of AI Ayar Labs Terry Thorn, VP of Commercial Operations
Tuesday 20th 10:55 11:15 CW-WDM MSA:   Specifications for Multi-Wavelength Advanced Integrated Optics CW-WDM MSA Chris Cole, Chair
Tuesday 20th 11:20 11:40 Solving Technical and Operational Challenges in pushing Coherent to the Edge Infinera Dave Welch, PhD.  Founder and Chief Innovation Officer
Tuesday 20th 11:45 12:05 Title: Open optical networks: reality and ambition  Juniper Networks / Telecominfraproject Gert Grammel, Chair of OOPT-PSE Working Group
Tuesday 20th 12:25 12:45 The ever ongoing discussion on CPO and why coherent is likely going to make it into (some) datacenter soon Sicoya Sven Otte, , Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder,
Tuesday 20th 12:50 13:10 Data Center Networks – evolving to CPO or advancing pluggables Omdia Lisa Huff, Senior Principal Analyst, Optical Components
Tuesday 20th 13:15 13:35 Full opto-electronic compliance testing of PIC-based transceivers in manufacturing EXFO Aldo Gutierrez, Product Line Manager

Tuesday Afternoon – Networking/systems/DC/disaggregatedsolutions/software / Modules/sub-systems/connectors/line-cards

Day Start Finish Title Company Speaker
Tuesday 20th 14:05 14:25 The fracturing of 400ZR: Opportunities for coherent pluggables beyond DCI Cignal AI Scott Wilkinson, Lead Analyst
Tuesday 20th 14:30 14:50 Addressing the Edge Computing / Data Center Infrastructure Market with Coherent Optical SoCs Effect Photonics Harald Graber, Chief Commercial Officer
Tuesday 20th 14:55 15:15 Addressing Intra-Datacenter Bandwidth Challenges with Coherent Technology Ciena Corp. Eric Maniloff, Systems Architect
Tuesday 20th 15:20 15:40 pluggable transceivers Arista Andy Bechtelsheim, Chairman, Chief Development Officer and Co-Founder
Tuesday 20th 15:45 16:05 800G and 1.6T Upgrade Cycles for Datacom: Continued Significance of Direct-Detection Coherent Vipul Bhatt, VP Marketing, Datacom Vertical
Tuesday 20th 16:10 16:30 CMIS – Management control of Optical Modules OIF Gary Nicholl, Cisco, OIF Board Member
Tuesday 20th 16:35 16:55 Fiber to the room: Bring Gigabit per second to everywhere in the premises Huawei Technologies Maxim Kuschnerov  Director of the Optical and Quantum Communications Laboratory, Munich, Germany

Wednesday Morning – Networking/systems/DC/disaggregatedsolutions/software

Day Start Finish Title Company Speaker
Wednesday 21st 09:50 10:15 New optics for 5G and beyond Source Photonics Frank Chang, Chief Engineer and CTO
Wednesday 21st 10:20 10:40 Advanced ROADM Architectures with Ultrahigh-resolution Telemetry for High-Mix Wavelength Services Coherent Dr. Jack Jian Xu  Title: Vice President Marketing, Telecom Vertical
Wednesday 21st 10:45 11:05 Evolution of Optical Connectivity to 3.2T Marvell Xi Wang, Vice President of Optical DSP Business Unit
Wednesday 21st 11:10 11:30 Convergence of Optical satellite systems and terrestrial OTN. Laser Light Companies Robert “Bob” Brumley, CEO,
Wednesday 21st 11:35 11:55 Coherent optics in client pluggable form factor enable IP-over-DWDM in disaggregated transport networks. Coherent Dr. Gert Sarlet,Director of Product Management
Wednesday 21st 12:00 12:25 Deployment of 400ZR and the ongoing OIF work to define 800ZR/LR OIF Karl Gass, OIF PLL Optical Chair

Wednesday Afternoon – Service providers/media/social companies and New and emerging technologies

Day Start Finish Title Company Speaker
Wednesday 21st 13:10 13:30 A Concept for Network Planning in Partially Disaggregated Open Optical Networks Telia (Schweden) Stefan Melin
Wednesday 21st 13:35 13:55 Satellite Communication Coherent Dr. Sanjai Parthasarathi, Chief Marketing Officer
Wednesday 21st 14:00 14:20 SDN REQUIREMENTS FOR VENDOR AGNOSTIC PARTIALLY DISAGGREGATED NETWORKS Telefonica CTIO Edward James Echeverry Zuleta. Senior Technical Expert
Wednesday 21st 14:25 14:45 Compact Multi Lambda Fiber Coupling solutions for future Chip on board and Co-Packaged Optics applications Huber + Suhner Cubeoptics AG Dirk Götzl  Manager RF Electronic
Wednesday 21st 14:50 15:10 3D Sensing: Practical New Apps Beyond Handsets fibeReality, LLC Mark Lutkowitz, Principal
Wednesday 21st 15:15 15:35 980nm VCSELs: New standard in automotive TRUMPF Photonic Components Dr. Joseph Pankert, VP Product Management and Rubén Pérez-Aranda , CTO, KDPOF