Market Focus Timetable 2021

The excellent Market Focus presentations at this year’s ECOC Exhibition in Bordeaux will be re-released and available to watch online at our Virtual Catch Up in November so you can catch up on any of the sessions you may have missed.

Start planning your time at the event and browse the full timetable for this year’s Market Focus. Details about each session can be found on our Session Information page.

Monday 1st November

Topic:  PIC and SiPh/Datacenters/Optics in Cloud computing
Start Finish Title Presenter Company
11:00 11:30 Adoption of Silicon Photonics accelerated in 2018-2020 Vladimir Kozlov, Founder and CEO LightCounting
11:35 12:05 Integrated Silicon Photonics for High-Bandwidth Data Center Connectivity Scott Schube, Sr. Director of Strategic Marketing Intel
12:10 12:40 Advancing integrated photonics with electro-optic polymer modulators Michael Lebby Lightwave Logic Inc
12:45 13:15 Optical I/O for Chip-to-Chip Communications Hugo Saleh, VP of Marketing and Business Development; Managing Director Ayar Labs UK Ltd Ayar Labs UK Ltd
13:20 13:50 Optics in Cloud Computing -> 100G/400/800 GbE optics Dr Sven Otte, CEO, Founder Sicoya
13:55 14:25 Novel LED based parallel optical interconnects with 10Tbps/mm2 @ < 0.5pJ/bit for chip-to-chip communications Christoph Pfistner, Marketing & Business Development Avicena
14:30 15:00 The evolution and challenges to 800g optics and beyond Frank Chang Source Photonics
15:05 15:35 The Road to 800G and Beyond Andreas Bechtolsheim Arista
15:40 16:10 Post Moore Data Center Networks for 800GbE/1.6TbE Radha Nagarajan, SVP & CTO, Optical and Copper Connectivity Business Group Marvell
16:15 16:45 Deployment of 400ZR and the ongoing OIF Work to Define 800ZR/LR Josef Berger, Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. and OIF Representative OIF

Tuesday 2nd November

Topic: Optical Transmision (SDN/Network Agility)/Fibre Access (5G/cable/PON/FTTX)
Start Finish Title Presenter Company
10:20 10:50 Readiness of 50G-PON in terms of technology, standard and ecosystem Junwei Li, Senior Expert on Optical Access China Mobile
10:55 11:25 Emerging Industrial Manufacturing Requirements Including Private 5G Communications, IIoT Sensors, and SecurityEPIC – European Photonics Industry Consortium Tracey Vanik, Head of Photonics Market Research
11:30 12:00 Can Optical keep up with evolving RAN requirements. ? Peter Finn, Strategic Head of Product Li Ericsson Telecommunicazioni SpA
12:05 12:35 Self-tuning Bidirectional 50GBASE-ER Optical Transceiver based on Temperature Control and Silica-based Comb Filter Spark Xu QXP Technologies Inc
12:40 13:10 Fiber vs. IAB in 5G x-haul Stéphane Téral, Chief Analyst LightCounting Market Research
13:15 13:45 Routed Optical Networking Lorenzo Ghioni, Director of Product Management Cisco
13:50 14:20 Extending OpenROADM to the Network Edge Raj Nagarajan, Product Line Manager Lumentum
14:25 14:55 High capacity pathways – Fiber innovations for a connected future Roshene McCool, Market & Technology Development Manager Corning

Wednesday 3rd November

Topic:  New technologies & systems/New markets/New Packaging platforms
Start Finish Title Presenter Company
09:45 10:15 Optical Communications for Satellite Networking:  From Free Space Optics to Optics in Space ! Sanjai Parthasarathi, Chief Marketing Officer II-VI
10:20 10:50 High volume integrated Silicon Photonics for next generation LiDAR and other sensing applications Robert Blum, Sr. Director of Marketing and New Business Intel
10:55 11:25 Extending Coherent to the Edge – How and Why Now? Dave Welch, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Infinera
11:30 12:00 Next steps in coherent interface standardization Tom Williams, Director of Marketing Acacia, now part of Cisco
12:05 12:35 A New Specification for Multi-Wavelength Optical Laser Sources for Advanced Integrated Optics Chris Cole, Chair, CW-WDM MSA; Advisor, II-VI Incorporated CW-WDM MSA
12:40 13:10 Integrated lithium-niobate electro-optic platform, an emerging solution enabling a wide range of high speed and power efficient applications Mian Zhang, Ph.D, CEO and Founder HyperLight Corporation
13:15 13:45 Photonics integration and digital silicon photonics, Optoelectronic integration trends and applications Brad Booth, Chairman and President, COBO and Principal Engineer, Microsoft Consortium for On-Board Optics
13:50 14:20 Co-Packaged Optics: The OIF’s Work to Standardize Higher Integration Levels for Next-Generation Data Center Systems Jeff Hutchins, Ranovus, Director, CTO Office OIF
14:25 14:55 Data center optics – 400G and above rollout and the promise of co-packaged optics Lisa Huff, CDCMP®, Senior Principal Analyst Omida
15:00 15:30 OSFP-XD vs Co-Packaged Optics Mark Lutkowitz, Principal fibeReality, LLC