Monday morning: Modules/Sub systems

Start Finish Title Speaker Name Company
Monday 2nd October 10:00 10:15 Empowering the Future: Advancements in Programmable Photonics with iPronics’ SmartLight Technology Ana González   Director of Strategic Partnerships IPRONICS PROGRAMMABLE PHOTONICS S.L.
Monday 2nd October 10:20 10:35 Linear-drive Pluggable Optics (LPO) for Power-Efficient AI/ML Optical Interconnects Hacene Chaouch, Distinguished Engineer Arista Networks
Monday 2nd October 10:40 10:55 The future of pluggable modules at 1.6 Tb/s Mark Nowell, Cisco Fellow, QSFP-DD MSA co-chair Cisco Systems
Monday 2nd October 11:00 11:15 Commercializing reliable hybrid electro-optic polymer modulators Michael Lebby, CEO Lightwave Logic Inc Lightwave Logic
Monday 2nd October 11:20 11:35 Semiconductorization of Photonics using Silicon Optical Interposer Raju Kankipati, SVP/GM POET USA POET TECHNOLOGIES
Monday 2nd October 11:40 11:55 Silicon Photonics Solutions for AI/Data Center Applications Rang-Chen Yu, Sr. Vice President SiFotonics Technologies
Monday 2nd October 12:00 12:15 The Perspectives of Linear Optical Pluggables (LPO) for AI/ML Clusters Frank Chang, Chief Engineer and CTO Source Photonics
Monday 2nd October 12:20 12:35 Power and Integration: InP for Coherent Transceivers at the Network Edge Harald Graber
Chief Commercial Officer, EFFECT Photonics
EFFECT Photonics
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Monday Afternoon: Modules/Sub systems

Monday 2nd October 13:00 13:15 Coherent Optics – Changing architectures and emerging market segments Tom Williams Acacia
Monday 2nd October 13:20 13:35 ICP data centers drive the optical components market Lisa Huff, Senior Principal Analyst, Optical Components Omdia
Monday 2nd October 13:40 13:55 Preparing the way for 800G ZR Paul BROOKS  VIAVI Solutions  Technology and applications lead – optical transport VIAVI solutions
Monday 2nd October 14:00 14:15  Why Linear Drive is Not Plug-and-Pray Karen Liu  Product Manager Nubis Communications
Monday 2nd October 14:20 14:35 Harnessing Optical I/O for the Advancement of Generative AI Terry Thorn, VP of Commercial Operations Ayar Labs
Monday 2nd October 14:40 14:55 Linear Pluggable Optics for Data Centers: A Transceiver Implementer’s Perspective Vipul Bhatt  VP Marketing, Datacom Vertical Coherent Corp
Monday 2nd October 15:00 15:15 Demands of data center test requirements Greg LeCheminant Keysight
Monday 2nd October 15:20 15:35 Vertical Line Cards: Potential Long-Term Sustainability of Optical Pluggables Business Mark Lutkowitz, Principal fibeReality, LLC
Monday 2nd October 15:40 16:30 Panel 1: DCI Towards 100T and beyond Moderator: Frank Chang, Source Photonics

Hacene Chaoch, Arista

Yawei Yin, Microsoft

Samuel Liu, Marvell

Chris Doerr, Aloe Semiconductor

Eric Bernier Huawei/IPEC







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Tuesday Morning: Components/IC/PIC/Fiber

Tuesday 3rd October 10:00 10:15 Terrestrial core networks: Future needs for cable density and high fiber count cables Lidia Galdino Corning
Tuesday 3rd October 10:20 10:35 Analog Receive Optics(ARO) – A Robust Alternative to LPO – not available Drew Guckenberger, Vice President – High Speed Interconnect MaxLinear, Inc.
Tuesday 3rd October 10:40 10:55 Next Generation Photonic Integration and Packaging Solutions with Photonic Wire Bonding (PWB) and Facet-Attached Micro-Optical Elements Thorsten Mayer, CEO Vanguard Automation GmbH
Tuesday 3rd October 11:00 11:15 Future Pic Trends, Roadmaps complexity with InP Luc Augustin Smart Photonics
Tuesday 3rd October 11:20 11:35 Advances in InP Laser Arrays for Data Centre and Sensing Applications Andrew McKee, Chief Technology Officer, Sivers Photonics Sivers Photonics
Tuesday 3rd October 11:40 11:55 VCSELs for >100Gb/s interconnects Gunter Larisch, Product Manager Datacom TRUMPF Photonic Components
Tuesday 3rd October 12:00 12:15 Advances in Components for Datacom and Telecom Transceivers – not available Julie Eng, CTO Coherent
Tuesday 3rd October 12:20 12:35 Open Silicon Photonics as an enabling technology Steven Alleston, Director Business Development OpenLight Photonics
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Tuesday Afternoon: Networking/systems/Service provider

Tuesday 3rd October 13:00 13:15 Understanding vertical integration and the technology behind coherent pluggables David F. Welch Infinera
Tuesday 3rd October 13:20 13:35 Network evolution and the end of ROADMs Andrew Lord BT
Tuesday 3rd October 13:40 13:55 Fujitsu 1FINITY Ultra Optical System (UOS) Novelties for Deepest Network Insights Muhammad Sarwar  Distinguished Planner – Advanced Technology and Architecture Fujitsu Network Communications
Tuesday 3rd October 14:00 14:15 The need for modular SDN controller architecture Stefan Melin  Lead Optical Network Architect   Telia Company Telia Company
Tuesday 3rd October 14:20 14:35 5G convergence and Future Challenges for Optical Networks Andrea Di Giglio Telecom Italia
Tuesday 3rd October 14:40 14:55 Evolution of Fronthaul Optical Interfaces to 50Gbit/s and Beyond Junjie Li IPEC & China Telecom
Tuesday 3rd October 15:00 15:15 PON evolution for the next decade Ron Heron  Lead Technology Strategist, Nokia Nokia
Tuesday 3rd October 15:20 15:35 Transitioning PON to Coherent Technology for 100G and beyond Mark Laubach, Systems Design Architecture Engineer Ciena
Tuesday 3rd October 15:40 16:30 Panel 2: Connectivity for 5G and Beyond Moderator:Vlad Kozlov, LightCounting

Philippe Chanclou, Orange Labs

Junjie Li, China Telecom

Antonio Tartaglia, Ericsson

Feng Jia, Huawei

Jim Theodoras, HG Genuine







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Wednesday Morning: New and emerging technologies

Wednesday 4th October 10:00 10:15 3-D Structured Light and sensing Gregory Pandraud Ommatidia LiDAR
Wednesday 4th October 10:20 10:35 Automotive and Air Taxi Optical Networking Ken Applebaum  CEO  COTSWORKS  Charter Member, SOSA Technical Advisory committee  Chairperson, SAE AS3 Fiber Optics subcommittee Cotsworks
Wednesday 4th October 10:40 10:55 High-speed, low power microLEDs for optical communications Alasdair Fikouras Avicena
Wednesday 4th October 11:00 11:15 The State of Quantum Cryptography Market: A Closer Look at CV-QKD Technology – not available Sergi Vizcaíno Fuentes, Strategy & Outreach Manager LuxQuanta
Wednesday 4th October 11:20 11:35 Practical Considerations for Achieving Quantum-Secure Optical Networks Robert Keys, Sr. Director, Optical Transmission R&D Ciena
Wednesday 4th October 11:40 11:55 From Science Fiction to Forklifts: Challenges and Advantages of PIC sensing for mobility applications – not available Peter Stern Voyant
Wednesday 4th October 12:00 12:15 Photonic integrated circuits for solid-state LiDAR Yi Xie, Business Development Manager IMEC
Wednesday 4th October 12:20 12:35 Efficient high-power O-band uncooled lasers for high-capacity photonic IO – not available Milind Gokhale, CTO Casela Technologies
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Wednesday Afternoon:  Networking/systems/Service provider

Wednesday 4th October 13:00 13:15 Will you need CPO in 5 years? Rajiv Pancholy, Director Hyperscale Strategy & Products Broadcom Inc.
Wednesday 4th October 13:20 13:35 The 6th Generation of Fiber Optic Communications: Carrier and Spatial Division Multiplexing (CSDM) Brian Smith, CTO Office Lumentum
Wednesday 4th October 13:40 13:55 ROADM/OXC evolution for backbone, metro and DC/HPC applications Ning DENG, Technology Expert Huawei
Wednesday 4th October 14:00 14:15 Network Disaggregation: Optical Line Systems and Pluggable Optics Dr. Sanjai Parthasarathi, Chief Marketing Officer Coherent Corp.
Wednesday 4th October 14:20 14:35 Advanced Optoelectronics Evolution Framework Upgrades Data Centers Towards 100T+ Wenyu Zhao, Vice President IPEC & CAICT
Wednesday 4th October 14:40 14:55 The move to coherent inside the datacenter Scott Wilkinson  Lead Analyst, Optical Components Cignal AI
Wednesday 4th October 15:00 15:15 Evolving Networks to 1.6 Tb/s Transmission and Ubiquitous 800G Networking – not available Will Leckie, Senior Manager, Optical Engineering R&D Ciena
Wednesday 4th October 15:20 15:35 The CW-WDM MSA:  Defining laser standards for AI, HPC and high-density optics Matt Sysak, Editor of the MSA CW-WDM MSA
Wednesday 4th October 15:40 15:55 Operating Beyond the C-Band: Increasing capacity using additional bands Francois Moore  Optical Architect & Advisor Fujitsu Network Communications
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