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Monday 7 December – Session 1

The TIP Disaggregated Optical & Transport NetworkDiego Marí Moretón – Connectivity Technologies & Ecosystem Manager (Facebook)
Gert Grammel – Solutions & Networks Architecture (Juniper Networks)
Víctor López – Technology Expert, OOPT Co-Chair (Telefónica)
Johan Hjortås – Head of Transport Network Strategy and Architecture (Telia Company)
Telecom Infra Project
AI-aided DSP design for coherent optical networksDr Maxim KuschnerovHuawei
The new roles of Optical and Packet networks with the advent of 5G RAN architecturesAntonella SanguinetiErcisson
The Next Giant Leap in Space Communications: CislunarRobert H BrumleyCommStar Space Communications LTD

Monday 7th December – Session 2

Automation and Autonomous Network solution in Cloud Native architecture: user stories and practical examples of deploymentDomenico Di MolaJuniper Networks
Paving the way for plug and play: Management and control of coherent optical pluggablesIan AlderdiceCiena
Optical Intelligence: Path to Network Operations Enhancement and AutomationDr Christopher janzHuawei
A Path to Next Generation CoherentTom WilliamsAcacia Communications
2020 OIF Transport SDN API Interoperability DemoArturo Mayoral LopezOIF
The COVID-19 Pandemic has Accelerated the Adoption of Cloud ServicesDr Vladimir KozlovLightCounting Market Research

Tuesday 8th December – Session 1

EPIC Foundry Services for Data Center Interconnect ApplicationsProf. Lars ZimmermannIHP GmbH – Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics, Leibniz-Institut für innovative Mikroelektronik
A paradigm shift in the optical communication market – from Transceivers to Highly Integrated Co-package Optics enabled by Silicon PhotonicsSven OtteSicoya
Narrow linewidth tunable lasers based on hybrid assembled Photonic IC technologyDouwe GeuzebroekLioniX International
Industry’s First Unified Electronic and Photonic Design PlatformTwan KorthorstSynopsys
Go to market faster by building Photonic ICs the way you build softwareDr. Martin FiersLuceda Photonics
3D Wafer-Level Microoptics For Ultrafast Optical Fiber CommunicationsCarlos Viana and Jean-Luc PolleuxICON Photonics

Tuesday 8th December – Session 2

EO Polymer modulator platform with enhanced stability at both 1.3um and 1.5umMichael LebbyLightwave Logic
Silicon photonic chiplets for chip-to-chip communicationsDr. Mark WadeAyar Labs
‘800G Datacenter Optics’Andreas BechtolsheimArista
Datacenters: Optics in Cloud ComputingSupriyo DeySource Photonics
Lessons learned from the first 5G mobile network deploymentsGuillaume LavalleeExfo
400ZR – From Concept to RealityJosef BergerInphi
Building Blocks for 800G, Co-Packaged Optics, and BeyondKarl GassOIF
Compound Semiconductors and Engineered Materials Enabling Advances in Biomedical OpticsSanjai ParthasarathiII-VI

Wednesday 9th December – Session 1

Evolution of Form Factors (for pluggable transceiver modules) from a connector maker’s perspectiveDavid BinderYamaichi Electronics
100G, 400G. 400+G and 800G transmission standardsDirk GötzlHuber+Suhner

Wednesday 9th December – Session 2

Execution and deployment challenges in 400G ecosystem (SP and DC) and road map evolutionJeff MakiJuniper Networks
Test and validation of pluggable digital coherent opticsPaul BrooksVIAVI
Driving a New Industry Standard for Optical Laser Sources to Advance AI, Data CenterChris ColeCW-WDM MSA
The role of optical fiber: On its 50 year anniversary what has changed?Roshene McCoolCorning
Ethernet for 5G fronthaul and Open RAN: key for network evolutionSebastien PrieurExfo
Evolution of Cable Optical Access NetworksAlberto CamposCablelabs

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