Now in it’s 17th year the Market Focus theatre has become one of the highlights of the ECOC Exhibition attracting the world’s best speakers from industry globally.

Every year the Market Focus is a focal point of the show and has become a key event to get up-to-date knowledge from across the industry in key technical areas and discover the latest commercial trends in optical communications.

2023 Call for Speakers closing soon! 

The 2023 Market Focus Call for Speakers is closing soon – submit your abstracts by 13th June.

Deadline for speaker abstracts – Tuesday 13th June
We have streamlined our Market Focus sessions to cover the whole value chain of technologies from optical components to optical network providers that span both telecommunications as well as data centre / data communication media services. The Market Focus sessions for 2023 are divided into 5 categories with a session of 2 panels.

Download the Call for Speakers flyer for full details on this year’s topic areas.

If you are interested in speaking at the ECOC Exhibition Market Focus theatre please complete the online form to submit a 100-word summary of your presentation theme with a title based on one of the topic areas, using the link below.

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Further details on each category

Service providers/media/social companies

1. Impact of social and media on the internet/network
2. State of the optical transport markets (metro, long haul, submarine) and OTN trends
3. Transmission roadmaps (route to 100s Tbps and associated MSAs/standards efforts)
4. Energy Efficient Ethernet and green datacenters
5. Power impact of co-packaging (CPO) vs. pluggableplatforms
6. Scaling capacity and growth with DWDM superchannels
7. OTN Design & planning software
8. Embedded network monitoring, testing, anddiagnostics
9. Intersatellite communication


1. Fibre access (5G) and next generation 6G/7Gsystems
2. Operator business models (regulation, standards,installation, mgt etc.)
3. High speed PON and FTTX solutions (cables,antennas, coherent etc.)
4. Future trends for server/switch designs andarchitectures in the datacenter
5. Network architectures and wavelength routing and gridless architectures
6. Colourless, directionless, contentionless ROADM networks
7. Network automation and SDN standards/industry groups
8. Network disaggregation: Open terminals, Optical Line Systems, white boxes




1. Advanced fiber-based connector/interfaces/panels
2. Competitive modules for WDM / high-speed PON
3. PIC based transceivers (pluggable and co-packaged/ CPO)
4. Architecture trends for line cards, faceplate, rack data throughput
5. Intelligent sensors/sensing using fiber communications
6. Agile transceivers (data rate, wavelength, modulation scheme, coherent/coherent-lite, FEC, etc.)
7. Embedded optics/waveguides in pcbs and associated interposers
8. Chip-to-chip communications (fiber and/or optical wireless)Integrated (Black Box) vs. Disaggregated platforms
9. White box networking architectures/trends/ technology platforms


1. Classic component performance (discrete and integrated photonics), ROADMs
2. High speed, low power modulators (polymer, TFLN, plasmonic, Silicon, InP etc.)
3. Tunable and fixed wavelength devices
4. Future PIC trends, roadmaps, complexity with InP, silicon photonics, polymers
5. VCSELs: high speed, arrays, smart pixels
6. Electronics (and associated modulation techniques – PAM, QPSK, QAM etc.) for lightwave (DSPs, ASICs, computational processing)
7. Advanced packaging trends (low cost, high speed, volume driven, CoB, FC, interposers) and associated testing techniques

New and emerging technologies

1. 3D structured light and sensing
2. Transportation, remote, and distributed sensing
3. Optical radars or lidar
4. Bio-medical applications
5. POF (Plastic optical fibre) cabling/interconnect applications/testing
6. Satellite and free space optics
7. Automotive (LIDAR) sensing optics, beam steering, phased array optics
8. Ultra-short (<10m) distance data communications, AOC and parallel optics
9. Projection optics (home and cinema/conference applications)
10. Novel PICs and photonic devices/materials and platforms
11. Optical switching materials/components

2 roundtables/panels

1. The race decrease power consumption in the network
2. Pluggable optics vs co-packaging for 104Tbps+ and beyond platforms)


ECOC Exhibition Market Focus Advisory Committee

Our advisory committee is composed of industry experts who will be reviewing submitted
abstracts to plan another exciting live and in-person market focus event in Glasgow 2023.

Chaired by Michael Lebby from Lightwave Logic, the highly industrial and commercially experienced committee includes: Pierpaolo Ghiggino Industry Consultant, Wladek Forysiak of Aston University, Stephan Neidlinger from ADVA, Daryl Inniss from OFS,
Glenn Wellbrock from Verizon, Frank Chang from Source Photonics, and Bill Ring from Voyant Photonics.


  • "Market Focus sessions were very informative and on the edge .... the best attended part of the show in my eyes and one that got a lot of discussion afterwards"

    Exhibition Visitor