Market Focus Call for speakers now open

Now in its thirteenth successful year, the ECOC Market Focus has grown to become one of the focal points of the show and a popular platform to gain industry knowledge and insight into the latest technologies

Transportation sensing and 5G will be among the latest trends discussed at this year’s Market Focus. It will also be possible to follow the discussions on pluggable versus copackaging and hear what will follow 400G.




If you are interested in speaking at the ECOC Market Focus please contact by Friday 28th June 2019 stating your company name, position, topic of interest and a 100 word summary of your presentation theme with a title based on one of the topics below.

2019 Topics

Service and content provider optical

• State of the optical transport market
• 100G 400G and 400+G transmission
• 100G for metro networks
• Copackaging vs. pluggable
• Scaling capacity with DWDM super-channels
• Optical Transport Network (OTN)
• Intersatellite communication
• Design & planning software
• Testing high-speed services, networks and
• Embedded network monitoring and

Optical Network Agility/Software Defined

• Mesh network architectures
• Colourless, directionless, contentionless
• “Gridless” networking: an emerging
• Rate-adaptable and tunable transceivers
• Network automation and control plane
• Core and add/drop routing technologies
• Open optical line systems

New emerging markets and technologies

• 3D sensing
• Transportation sensing
• Consumer products
• Remote sensing / distributed sensing
• Optical radars or lidar
• Bio-medical applications
• Plastic optical fibre and in-home cabling
• Free space optics
• New technologies and applications

Photonics integration and digital silicon

• Optoelectronic integration trends and
• Progress in silicon photonics and hybrid
silicon lasers
• High speed converters and digital signal
• Optical and digital signal processing
• Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
• Optical Intergrated circuit and ASIC/DSP
• Chip-to-chip communications
• Small form factor & coherent pluggables
• CMOS vs. InP photonics
• Beyond the gold box
• Service providers
• PAM4
• Chip-on-board and board mounted optics

Datacenters: Optics in Cloud Computing

• Datacenter switching
• High density multi-Tb/s optical interconnect
• 100G/400/800 GbE optics
• Parallel optics and active optical cables
• Energy Efficient Ethernet and green data
• High-performance computing requirements
• Integrated (Black Box) xs. disaggregated
(White Box) Networking

Fibre access

• The global fibre to the premises (FTTP)
• Optical transmission cable access networks.
• Total solutions supplier for FTTX
• Fibre to the antenna for 5G mobile networks
• 100 and 200G coherent transmission in
access network
• Low-cost components for WDM / high-speed
• Alignment equipment and fibre optic
connector cleaning
• Innovative cable installation and management
• Optical backhaul/fronthaul for mobile
• Residential and commercial
• 5G standards and requirements
• 5G optical interface and modules
• Photonics role in Internet of Things

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ECOC Exhibition Market Focus Advisory Committee

We are delighted to welcome back the industry experts who make up the ECOC Advisory Committee. The Committee is the decision-making force behind the presentation selection process and includes representatives from across the optical communications space – telecom operators, system vendors and component manufacturers to industry analyst groups and independent industry bodies.

Chaired by Per Danielsen, former editor of Telekommunikation, the experienced Committee includes: Pierpaolo Ghiggino of NIS Ltd, Wladek Forysiak of Aston University, Stephan Neidlinger from ADVA Optical Networking, Michael Lebby from Lightwave Logic, Daryl Inniss from OFS, Glenn Wellbrock from Verizon, Frank Chang from Source Photonics and  industry expert Bimal Nayar, from Network Rail.

Market Focus 2018 Highlights

Catch up on the highlights from Market Focus in Rome 2018.

  • "Market Focus sessions were very informative and on the edge .... the best attended part of the show in my eyes and one that got a lot of discussion afterwards"

    Exhibition Visitor, 2017

In 2018 the Market Focus agenda featured the likes of Facebook, Microsoft, BT, Ovum, NTT, Cisco, Source Photonics and Telefonica, among others. ‘Data Centres: Optics in Cloud Computing’ kicked-off the Day 1 agenda with Inphi the first of six speakers which also included Facebook, II-VI Inc, Consortium for On-Board Optics (COBO), Arista Networks and Luxtera.

Day 2 saw the spotlight cast on ‘Photonics Integration and Digital Silicon Photonics’, with speakers from Intel, Lightwave Logic, ePIXfab, Fraunhofer KKI, Ciena, and Light Counting Market taking to the stage in the morning. The final day was dedicated to the subject of ‘Service and Content Provider Optimal Transmission,’ with Ovum, BT, Finisar, Adva, Cisco, Huawei, NTT, China Mobile and CESNET also participating.


Download the Presentations

Some of the excellent presentations from across the three days of the event will soon be available to download. Please note: you will need to submit your details in order to access the presentations.