The Fusion Media Zone will this year host the pop up FTTx Centre featuring the Test and Measurement, Connectivity and Component and FTTH zones.

Also featured will be the Optical Connections Theatre featuring the popular webinar series so you can catch up on our webinar series.

The Fusion Media Zone will also include a small area for exhibitors to share their latest press informaiton.

FTTX Centre

The pop up FTTx Centre contains three zones featuring the latest FTTx products.

Sponsored by Tianjin Eloik Communication Equipment Technology Co., Ltd

Tianjin Eloik Communication Equipment Technology Co., Ltd is a CE certified company, specializing in research, development, production and sales of optical communication equipment in China. Our company is located in Tianjin Bohai Economic Rim demonstration base of private economic growth. Its main products are integrated with a number of patented multifunctional fiber splicing machines, portable optical fiber splicer, and handhold optical fiber fusion splicer.

Zone participants
Luna Innovations – Stand 324

Sponsored by Henan Shijia

SHIJIA Photons maintains the continuous R&D investment in optical chips and devices, and constantly strengthens technological innovation to master the core technology of independent chips. Through years of R&D and industrialization accumulation, aiming at the chip which is the core link of optical communication industry, SHIJIA Photons has established a whole process IDM business system covering chip design, wafer manufacturing, chip processing, packaging and testing.

Zone participants 
Harting – Stand 1226
Korea Optron Corp – Stand 411 & 414
SAMM Teknoloji Iletisim San Vetic A.S – Stand 507
Shanghai Ensure Optic Electronics Tech Ltd – Stand 509
X-BeamTech Co Ltd – Stand 411 & 414


Zone participants
Emcab 608
Gamm-Bud 316
HYC Co Ltd 423
Jonard Tools 923

Optical Connections Webinars

Earlier this year Optical Connections announced a new webinar series for 2021, developed in conjunction with the Market Focus Committee. The series covers the latest hot topics in the industry, focusing on 5G, copper infrastructure and fibre networks. All webinar sessions will be replayed in the Fusion Media Zone so you can catch up on any session you may have missed.

09:30 – 11:35 11:40 – 13:45 13:50 – 16:00
Monday 13th September Close to the Edge: Fibre for any-haul in 5G access networks Replacing the copper infrastructure Managing the fibre network
Tuesday 14th September Close to the Edge: Fibre for any-haul in 5G access networks Replacing the copper infrastructure Managing the fibre network
Wednesday 15th September Close to the Edge: Fibre for any-haul in 5G access networks Replacing the copper infrastructure Managing the fibre network


The webinar brings together key companies that are influencing the direction of the technology, products, and manufacturing. The goal is to review what is hot and topical today but also with a view on the next 5-10 years as enablers to maintain competitiveness in the segment. Included will be perspectives on standards/MSA as well as the market environment.
Already, we are seeing key metrics such as high volume, integration, low power consumption, high speed, electronic enhancement and support of photonics (coding, FEC, dispersion, timing etc) with DSPs to name a few; become important to all stakeholders up and down the value chain of the industry. Further, as everything advances as we would expect, the make-up and nature of the industry will evolve quickly and these webinars will review not only the technology perspective but also how the industry can meet future challenges and opportunities over the next decade.
The webinar completes with a panel session of the speakers and provide thoughtful questions by the moderator/ session chair on issues both today and in the near future.


Switching to a new physical infrastructure is probably the biggest step any operator will take, but if they are to meet their subscribers’ demands for greater speed, capacity and new services, as well as supporting 5G and IoT. It is a step which may be taken. The process is however fraught with uncertainties. How to do it in the most cost-efficient manner with minimum disruption to customers? When to expect RoI and how can it be generated? What will OPEX be like? Cloud data centres still represents one of the largest instalment base of copper and optical cables leading latest developments in term of growth rate and the adoption of higher speeds. What are the opportunities for new technologies such as hollow-core fibre, 200G per lane copper cable etc?


With the mass migration to fibre, new network management systems and practices are going to be required. In addition, fibre network architecture is still developing and there are some potentially radical changes in the pipeline which could redefine network management so inevitably, the questions arise, which management systems to invest in and how far to automate? In the allcopper environment, automation is well advanced, but how easily will it transfer to fibre networks? How will fault monitoring and trouble ticketing work? There will also be new traffic patterns due to sheer mobility i.e. how to automatically learn about them and how to automatically both indirectly (planning) and directly (provisioning)?