Entry and Exit Times

Entry to the halls is allowed from 0800-2200hrs on Friday 4th December and from 0800-2200hrs on Saturday 5th December for set up of space only stands.  And from 0800 until 2200hrs on Sunday 6th December for shell scheme exhibitors and space only stands.

Any shipments for shell scheme stands arriving before Sunday 6th December will be diverted to the official freight handler’s advance warehouse. Off-loading of goods and loading of empties is only permitted until 1700 hrs on 6th December. Off-loading and loading is not permitted on the opening morning of the show and during the show open hours.

Breakdown – All exhibition material must be removed from the halls by 1500 hrs on Thursday 10th December. The organisers reserve the right to remove any materials from the halls after this time and forward any charges to the exhibitor concerned. The exhibitor may also incur penalty charges from the venue. No vehicles will be given access to reload until 1730 – 1800 hrs on Wednesday 9th December.

Delivery and Lifting of Exhibits

Only full load trucks should be sent direct to site and should arrive during the official build-up dates and times as shown above. All vehicles over 3.5 ton delivering directly to the venue must be pre-booked and a time slot allocated. The venue delivery address is: –

ECOC Congress 2020
c/o Brussels Expo
Exhibitor Name/Stand No
Parc des Expositions (Car Park C)
B-1020 Brussels

All vehicles must report to Car Park C, which will be used as a holding area.  Vehicle passes will be issued from here and vehicles directed to the halls once space is available.

To speed up the unloading process at the Brussels Expo, all vehicles over 3.5 tons MUST be unloaded by the official freight handling contractor, GT Exhibitions Ltd. and their handling charges will apply. All loads must be palletised or crated. Any loose loads will be billed additional handling charges.

Vehicles 3.5 tons or under can unload by themselves and have 45 minutes to unload but must then depart the show-site immediately.

Please ensure the driver has details of the company/stand no. he or she is delivering to, and on the breakdown, who they are collecting on behalf of.

Shipments other than full loads can be sent to the official freight forwarder’s on-site advance warehouse between the 30th November – 4th December  where they will be held until your move-in date and deliver to your stand. There will be a charge for this.

Please ensure the driver’s paperwork and packages are clearly marked with the show name, exhibitor name and stand no.

Goods may also be collected from the advance warehouse at the close of the event. Hauliers/transport companies collecting must know for which exhibitor they are collecting, the hall and stand no. and official freight contractor’s job number, which will be advised to you before the close of the event.

It is essential that unpacking in the halls is restricted to small exhibits or those items, which cannot travel out of their cases without risk of damage. You or your agent should therefore arrange for your shipping or transport contractor to unpack major items away from the hall.

Full information on shipping & handling, including the advance warehouse address, and the time slot application form can be found in the official shipping instructions for the show. Please click here for details.

To ensure the efficient entry of exhibits, only the following contractor will be permitted to operate mechanical lifting equipment at the venue: –

GT Exhibitions Ltd
25-27 Blackwell Drive
Essex, CM7 2PU
United Kingdom
T: +44 (0) 1376 567567
F: +44 (0) 1376 335034
C: Steve Andrews or Carl Gilvray
E: steveandrews@gtexhibitions.com or carlgilvray@gtexhibitions.com

If you require assistance for the unloading, lifting and positioning of your exhibits you must make arrangements with this contractor. GT Exhibitions can also assist with any freight forwarding requirements you may have and a list of their overseas partners is also available, please click here for details.

Please note, exhibitors using GT’s door to door, via warehouse or from airport/sea port services DO NOT have to apply for a time slot.

Weight Loads

The maximum permissible weight in the halls varies depending on your location.  If you are planning on exhibiting any items greater than 500kgs per m2 please let us know in advance.

Storage – packing cases etc

The organisers are unable to provide storage for packing cases, etc. These must be removed from the areas around your stand before the halls are opened for the exhibition. You should therefore make prior arrangements for the safe keeping of such items with the appointed handling contractor, GT Exhibitions or with your shipping and forwarding agent.

Whilst every effort is made to return your empty packaging as quickly as possible, it can be some hours before everything is delivered back. We therefore, recommend that you do not book return flights for immediately after the close of the exhibition.
Please note, that exhibitors are forbidden to store exhibits or packing materials behind their stands due to the fire risk.

Courier Shipments

Courier shipments should be addressed to GT Exhibitions advance warehouse and never direct to show-site. There is a charge for this. However, we strongly advise exhibitors from outside the EU NOT to send goods via courier companies (Fedex, UPS, DHL, etc).

The only commodity that should be sent is printed matter, with a very low value. Even then we cannot guarantee your courier company will deliver the goods without problems. The duties and taxes payable box should be for the account of the shipper. It is vital the waybill mentions ECOC 2020 and the exhibitor name, stand no & Hall no. It is also imperative that you send a pre-advice of your shipment to GT Exhibitions prior to arrival, with a copy of the waybill and invoice/packing list. Failure to pre-advise GT Exhibitions means they are unaware your shipment exists and subsequently cannot be held responsible if it is not delivered to your stand.

Depending on the courier company you use and the commodity you are sending, the goods from outside the EU may get held in Belgian Customs. Please see paragraph below regarding Customs clearance.

Full information on courier shipments and where they can be sent can be found in the official shipping instructions for the show.

Customs Clearance

We strongly recommend you utilise the services of the official freight forwarder, GT Exhibitions Ltd. who can assist you on all Customs matters and as an alternative to the ATA Carnet can clear temporary goods under a temporary import bond.
Courier shipments arriving from outside the EU that require Customs Intervention by GT Exhibitions will be billed to the exhibitor accordingly and these costs can be very high.

Return Shipping

Exhibitors who utilise the services of GT Exhibitions on the inbound will be visited by them during the show, to discuss return shipping requirements. Those exhibitors who do not use GT Exhibitions on the inbound can make arrangements to ship back with them and should visit their service desk/on-site office before the show closes. Return shipping labels will be available for those exhibitors who need them. If you are using a courier company such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc for your return shipment you should book them to collect from the advance warehouse and bring return waybill and barcoded labels with you and attach them once you have packed away.  GT Exhibitions can print and attach on your behalf but a fee for this service will apply.

Truck Parking

There is truck parking available at Car Park C during the show days and tickets can be purchased from the Brussels Expo Webshop.