VPIphotonics releases a New Interoperable Software Platform for the Design of Photonic Devices

25th June 2021

VPIdeviceDesigner(tm) offers researchers an easy-to-use platform based on an object-oriented Python interface. This ease of use is coupled with the design flexibility supporting 2D waveguide cross-sections and 3D device layouts made of real (dispersive, temperature-dependent, doped, anisotropic) optical materials. One of the key benefits of this new software platform is that it enables a complete hierarchical design workflow. Targeting photonic device design, VPIdeviceDesigner complements VPIphotonics Design Suite, an industry leading software platform for designing photonic integrated circuits, fiber optic components and optical transmission systems.

For more information: https://www.vpiphotonics.com/Tools/DeviceDesigner/