VIAVI Solutions adds instant bidirectional OTDR analysis (TrueBIDIR) capability to its OTDR and FiberComplete solutions

Stand 505

26th July 2023

Bidirectional OTDR certification of fiber links is the only way to truly assess link quality. That’s why it’s mandated in the ITU-T and IEC standards.
But until now, the process to perform bidirectional analysis and calculate average loss for each OTDR event has always required extra post-processing work.
With TrueBIDIR, VIAVI has eliminated this extra work by building real-time bidirectional OTDR analysis right into our OTDR and FiberComplete PRO solutions. A single click gives you fully automated bidirectional fiber certification, including OTDR setup, config exchange, measurement coordination, file storage, result retrieval, bidirectional OTDR analysis, and report generation.

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