Unlocking Advanced PON Networks with Ensure’s Asymmetric PLC Splitters

Stand 714

26th September 2023

Optical fiber has reshaped telecommunications, with PLC splitters enabling fiber-to-the-home connectivity. While symmetric splitters split signals evenly, asymmetric PLC splitters offer unique advantages through custom splits and architectures like ‘daisy-chaining ‘, that can reduce FTTH deployment costs, and optimise efficiency.
Ensure’s proficiency in customised premium PLC splitters, combining advanced technology, and 20+ years of experience, delivers a competitive edge through bespoke designs.
Asymmetric splitters can empower flexible network configurations, lower costs, reduce setup time, and enhance monitoring. While installation may be complex, Ensure’s quality guarantees reliable connectivity.
Choose Ensure for premium, customised solutions, optimising PON network performance beyond industry standards.