Unlock your network’s potential with C-Data FD1700s OLT

Stand 600

26th September 2023

Choose Your Future:
Experience GPON, XG(S)PON, and 10GEPON hybrid configurations.
Unmatched Performance:
With 4*25GE and 2*10GE uplink ports, enjoy seamless connectivity without bottlenecks.
Effortless Evolution:
Upgrade configurations effortlessly through plug-ins, eliminating wait times and lowering costs.
Compact Powerhouse:
Achieve high density with up to 32 ports in a sleek 1RU design, optimizing space.
Adapt with Ease:
Two plug-in slots, five versatile options – tailor your network step by step to meet current and future needs.
Simplified Management:
Utilize C-Data CMS and WEB3.0 for robust, user-friendly control and maintenance.