Ultra-Small Active On-Board Optical Module LIGHTPASS®-EOM 100G

Stand 826

28th June 2023

LIGHTPASS®-EOM 100G is an ultra-small active mid-board optical module.
It has the advantages of bi-directional, high-density, low-power, and high-speed transmission module. The light source is a quantum dot laser (QD-LD) that can maintain
high power even in high temperature operation.
Its mating direction is vertical on the board which can be equipped on server products and other small devices with its size.

・High-density of 12 mm x 14 mm
・Approx. 30% less power consumption (less than 10 mW/Gbps for TX-RX pair)
・High-speed transmission: 100Gbps (25 Gbps x 4 Channels NRZ)
・Ultra-Small Optical Module

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