Test and validation challenges in the Linear Pluggable Optics (LPO) ecosystem with Keysight

Stand C13

12th June 2024

The need to reduce the optics footprint in data centers has driven rapid adoption of linear drive technology. However, both module and switch designers face significant challenges in deploying this technology while ensuring interoperability with the existing infrastructure. The OIF-CEI-112G linear workgroup and LPO MSA recognized this urgent need and are currently nailing down test procedures to validate both linear modules and LPO-capable host designs.

Keysight’s comprehensive solution portfolio addresses the industry needs to design, validate, and optimize energy-efficient networking interfaces such as LPO. It provides clear insights into design performance, ensuring the margin is freed up for optimal results, and covers multiple speed generations, including 400G, 800G, and 1.6T.

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