Teramount announces TeraVERSE – A groundbreaking HVM-ready detachable fiber connectivity solution for Co-Packaged Optics (CPO)

Stand 367

26th September 2023

TeraVERSE unleashes CPO by seamlessly packaging numerous fibers with advanced ASICs (GPU, NPU) to create next-gen high-performance systems with higher bandwidth, lower latency and lower power consumption. TeraVERSE introduces a detachable, fully passive, post-reflow and testable assembly of dozens of fibers to individual silicon photonics chiplets. Leveraging Teramount’s cutting-edge self-aligning wafer-level optics, TeraVERSE supports 2.5D/3D packaging and offers wafer-level testing, wideband surface coupling and large assembly tolerances. With these exciting features, TeraVERSE ensures optimal fiber assembly yield, high-volume CPO manufacturing, in-field fiber serviceability and substantial cost savings. Embrace the future of CPO with TeraVERSE.