Source Photonics Demonstrates Industry’s First 800G 4x200G LR4 OSFP Transceivers at ECOC2023

Stand 627

4th October 2023

Commercialization of 800G LR4 OSFP represents a critical milestone for shipping next generation 200G/lambda based 800G and 1.6T optical transceivers.

West Hills, CA – October 2, 2023 – Source Photonics, a leading global provider of innovative and reliable technology solutions for communications and data connectivity for use in hyperscale datacenters, today announced that it, jointly with industry partners, showcases a live demonstration of 800G 4x200G LR4 OSFP Transceivers at ECOC 2023 during October 2-4, 2023 in Glasgow, Scotland, UK (Booth# 627), a critical milestone for the development of next generation 200G/lambda based 800G and 1.6T optical transceivers.

In recent years, with the acceleration of global digitalization, especially the remarkable debut of AI large language models represented by ChatGPT4.0 and the rapid development of related applications, the demand for bandwidth has surged exponentially, which further drives the accelerated upgrade of high-speed optical transceivers. 800G optical modules as the default configuration of choice for the latest generation of optical transmission systems, have projected huge market application potential. At the same time, in order to satisfy the strong desire for low-cost, low-latency and low-power consumption by next-generation telecom metro applications, the 800G 4x200G LR4 10km direct detection solution has attracted more attention from operators, equipment manufacturers and optical module vendors over the corresponding coherent solutions.  The industrial supply chain of single-lambda 226Gb/s high-speed optical chips, DSPs and electrical chips, and RF packaging technologies related to the direct detection solutions has gradually matured.

The 800G LR4 OSFP optical modules incorporate the high power single lambda 200G PAM4 EML lasers assisted with 3D hybrid electro-optical on-board packaging for superior RF characteristics and with a LAN-WDM grid, low-loss package interconnect design and a WDM multiplexer, exceeding the wavelength requirements for the telecom-grade LAN-WDM. The receiving end consists of a highly integrated PIN+TIA receiver array combined with the high-performance start-of-the-art 5nm CMOS DSP equalization algorithm, and the transmission distance can reach up to 10km.

Source Photonics collaborates jointly with Keysight, Broadcom and other industry partners to demonstrate the excellent performance of the 800G 4x200G LR4 OSFP in real-time during the ECOC 2023 exhibition. The superior transmitter eye quality and LAN-WDM optical spectra are shown in Figure 1. The test platform is based on Keysight’s N1078A CDR and DCA-X N1030A sampling oscilloscope (Figure 2), which analyze the transmitter optical eye quality modulated at 226Gb/s PAM4 signaling.

FIG.1: 800G LR4 OSFP Eye Diagram and LAN-WDM Optical Spectra

This successful demonstration of the industry’s first 800G 4x200G 10km optical transceiver solution remarks the continuous application of 200G PAM4 direct detection technology into the fields of 800G and 1.6T high-speed optical interconnections. Compared with the first generation using a single lambda 100G PAM4 EML lasers, the 800G LR4 optical modules reduce the number of lasers by 50%, effectively reducing costs, simplifying manufacturing processes, and improving production yield.

FIG.2: 800G LR4 OSFP on-site demo test platform