SMART Photonics enables high speed coherent

Stand 610

15th September 2022

SMART Photonics enables high speed coherent, by introducing the building blocks for high speed integrated coherent transmitters, with extended reach.

The indium phosphide foundry for integrated photonic chips achieved this by introducing a new high speed modulator that is capable of 96GBaud transmission.

The other building blocks for high speed coherent are a narrow linewidth tuneable laser, and a high gain SOA solution.

Together on a single chip, these three components create a unique synergy, paving the way to Tb.

The high speed modulator building block will be integrated in SMART Photonics PDK offering, allowing fabrication of complex PICs including, amongst others, narrow linewidth lasers and
optical amplifiers, capable of supporting very diverse and advanced use cases in telecom and datacom applications.

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