SENKO Expands SN-MT Family with Ganged Connectors for Faster, Leaner and Denser deployments between AI clusters in Hyperscale Data Centers

Stand B6

20th March 2024

SENKO expands its SN-MT connector family with 2-Gang and 4-Gang Uniboot versions, catering to rapid and flexible network deployments. These Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) connectors, available in 16, 24, or 32 fiber configurations, empower operators to connect high-density rollable ribbon cables, accommodating up to 6,912 fibers. The SN-MT is already significantly smaller than legacy MPO connectors, but ganged options go one step further by reducing the amount of cable bulk and the time required to patch connectors at the patch panel. Additionally, the SN-MTs compact size allows for all connectors from the 6,912f trunk to be patched to a single 1RU patch panel. Currently, SN-MT connectors are primarily utilized for linking AI clusters between hyperscale data centers, driving efficiency and scalability in network infrastructure.

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