QTI Quantum-Secured Data Communications

Stand 225

29th June 2022

QTI s.r.l., the first Italian Quantum Key Distribution company, is keen to introduce its family products, Quell-X, ready for the telecom market.
Quell-X is a complete QKD system able to generate symmetric secured keys for ultra-secure data communication in current infrastructures. Quell-X technology is based on unique patented solutions with a European supply chain. The products can be easily integrated with an hardware cypher unit, provided by Telsy S.p.A., cryptography competence center of the TIM Group.
Customers equipped with our QKD solution can enjoy technological supremacy over competitors and ensure the highest security standard available on the market for transmission and storage of data. QTI’s mission is therefore to develop, produce and sell telecom ready QKD systems for industry, government, and military organizations.

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