Photonic Integrated Circuits design services at VLC Photonics – VLC Photonics, Stand 63

Stand 63

17th August 2022

VLC Photonics design services:
Custom design service: modelling, simulation and design of any proprietary photonic component, subsystem or building block beyond standard libraries offered by foundries. Main technologies include: SOI/silicon photonics, InP/III-V photonics, silicon nitride/TriPleXTM, silica/PLC.
Layout service: layout of photonic integrated circuits according to a specific foundry process and PDK libraries.
Design support: engineering support for your in-house design team, to help on the design, layout and DRC tasks, as well as an overall review and check including advice on design for manufacturing, test and packaging.
PDK development: customized PDK implementations on your specific PIC manufacturing platform.