Photon Design innovates waveguide simulations yet again!

Stand F2

20th March 2024

Long Arm MZI modelled in MT-FIMMPROP. Top – Device layout (red hashed area showing computational region) Bottom – Simulation result showing intensity.

Photon Design’s latest innovation takes the market leading EigenMode Expansion method into an entirely new domain of simulations. Our new tool MT-FIMMPROP can simulate entire PIC components with arbitrary waveguide tapers and bends without having to split a device across multiple simulations.

Users can define computational regions that automatically conform to waveguide paths. The computational region in this long arm Mach Zhender interferometer [see image] is less than 10% of the total canvas space, leading to huge efficiency gains.

MT FIMMPROP combines together the role of three tools (component simulation, circuit simulation, and layout) in a single convenient environment.

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