Passive WDM Mux/DeMux modules from Tanlink

Stand 571

9th September 2022

Tanlink has launched a new products line for Mux(multiplexer) / DeMux(demultiplexer) solutions based on thin film filter (TFF) technology for passive applications.

These products provide customers with a low entry cost modular solution that is fully scalable multiple channels in DWDM networks. The same module can be used for both Mux/DeMux and reconfigurable optical interpolation (ROADM) applications. Upgrades can be processed in increments of more channels in any wavelength order with minimal insertion loss increase. Optical filtering based on a ‘band structure’ arranges independent optical communication channels at a given wavelength into groups, and instead of processing one at a time, the filters process a group, thereby reducing the overall footprint and optimizing equipment efficiency and cost.

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