NewPhotonics Introduces NPG102 Transmitter-on-Chip with Integrated Equalizer

Stand F10

17th April 2024

NewPhotonics, a fabless semiconductor company based in Tel Aviv, introduced the NPG102 transmitter-on-chip with integrated optical equalizer.

This latest breakthrough photonic integrated circuit (PIC) delivers reduced complexity and enhanced link performance for high-throughput optical interconnect on AI workloads in the data center. The NPG102 provides low latency and power performance at 800 GBps and 1.6 TBps in LRO and LPO applications.

The NPG102 supports multi-vendor interoperability and features improved transceiver yields and extended reliability, 3.9W low power consumption and simplified system assembly with flip-chip packaging.

The second-generation transmitter-on-chip sampling program will be available in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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