NEWPhotonics breaks the speed limit offering 224 GBPS /lane/λ !

Stand IF6

26th September 2023

Moreover, it will demonstrate this over 10km distance at “MRE” – by appointment only. This remarkable speed over such distances can scale up to 4X in speed while integrating 4X AWG it will reach 3.2TGBPS. NEWPhotonics will demonstrate it connected to a high speed SERDES comprising a full electrical – optical link. This “Photonic Engine” is suitable for Data Center connectivity applications: SERDES, CPO Chiplets, and for Pluggable Transceivers (8*100 or 4*200) operating at 500m to 10 km. NEWPhotonics offers multi-functional pulsed comb laser with unparalleled performance of 1 pico-sec pulse.