NEW effective FTTH fiber blowing machine from Jetting AB in Sweden

Stand 173

29th June 2022

TriggAIR consists of an anodized aluminum body that guides and feeds the fiber unit into the micro duct by using an electric motor to push the fibre with optional compressed air to reduce friction.
The build in Clamps for 5- and 7-mm Micro duct make it very easy to configurate.
The adjustable mechanical clutch limits pushing force on fiber to avoid damage in case of a sudden stop.
A 12 Volt 4 Ah. Li-Ion battery pack, fitted in the tool handle, powers the motor. The motor speed and direction are controlled by a trigger switch on the handle or by using the automatic cruise control.
TriggAIR is normally fed with dry compressed air. The compressed air is connected to the tool with a ¼” standard quick connector.
For optimal installation performance, an air flow of 80-150 l/min and a nominal pressure of 8-10 bar is required. For shorter distances, a smaller compressor or a portable pressure canister with a reduction valve can be used. For very short distances (up to 50-100 m) such as in small multi dwelling units, the fiber can be fed by the integrated electrical motor only, without using any compressed air supply at all. The integrated display shows information about speed and blown distance.

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