Nanoscribe and partner PHIX drive industrial innovation in photonics packaging

Stand 9

23rd August 2023

Nanoscribe and the Dutch photonics packaging foundry PHIX B.V. are collaborating to provide on-fiber printing services to the photonics packaging industry. Utilizing Nanoscribe’s new high-performance 3D microlens printing technology with nano-precision alignment capabilities, PHIX relies on this new technological approach in their manufacturing services of standard lensed fiber arrays (LFAs). Thus, LFAs can be 3D-printed using Nanoscribe’s Aligned 2-Photon Lithography A2PL® technology according to the customer’s specific requirements. The PHIX service portfolio also includes the fabrication of Free Space Microoptical Coupling (FSMOC) components. These can be printed directly onto fiber arrays and photonic integrated circuits (PICs), expanding PHIX’s portfolio for bringing hybrid integration to mass production.

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