Multi-Mode Active Optical Connection for Beyond E-Temp Environment

Stand 826

26th September 2023

On display at the ECOC 2023 will be our LIGHTPASS® series of multi-mode active optical modules with a silicon photonics IC.
Beyond e-temp on-board optical module LIGHTPASS®-EOB II 128G
・32 Gbps NRZ x 4 Channels
・Supports PCIe Gen5
・Excellent heat dissipation
Active optical cable LIGHTPASS®-SP Q28
・QSFP28 100G
・28 Gbps NRZ x 4 channels
・High reliability
On-board optical module LIGHTPASS®-EOM 100G for Immersion Cooling
・25 Gbps NRZ x 4 channels
Autoclavable on-board optical module LIGHTPASS®-EOS 100G
・25 Gbps NRZ x 4 channels
・Suitable for endoscopes