MRSI Systems received the 2021 CIOE Silver Award for the MRSI-HVM Die Bonder

Stand 660

29th June 2022

Last September, MRSI won the China Optoelectronics Expo Award (CIOE Award) for the latest MRSI-HVM 1.5 micron series of products. The MRSI-HVM with conveyor is an outstanding innovation, used in optoelectronic production, specifically the production of high-density and high-speed data center optical interconnection and backbone network transmission using 400G+ photoelectric devices, and 5G wireless applications using complex TO-based TOSA/ROSA devices containing DFB/WDM/EMLs. The MRSI-HVM 1.5 micron series provides the best automated manufacturing solution for high-mix and high-volume optoelectronic production, in the era of data center/5G, and brings the best return on investment for optoelectronic and high-power laser device manufacturers.

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