MPO 12F & 16F Internal Shutter Adapters

Stand 6

26th May 2022

Based off their award-winning design, Suncall America now offers MPO 12F and 16F Internal Shutter Adapters with an off-center key for front-of-rack usage. The uniquely designed internal shutters never touch the ferrule and provide protection from laser exposure and dust/debris. The shutters also allow for quick VFL detection.

The MPO adapters are interchangeable with current LC & SC configurations. The MPO 12F is currently available in both Simplex and Duplex, and the 16F is available now in Simplex with Duplex coming soon. The variety of housing colors allows panels to be visually organized.

To complete the setup, Suncall offers the MPO 12F Push-Pull Connector. The reinforced boot is designed for a quick push-pull insertion and removal of the connector with no tabs/tools required. This sturdy design is intended for high-density panels and is available in 2.0mm and 3.0mm.

Bringing more fiber to your panel has never been easier with the Suncall America 12F and 16F Adapters.

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