Miller® MB04 “Twister” Cable Slitter – A New Twist for Flat Drop Cable

Stand 249

26th June 2019

Ripley Tools introduces an innovative twist on traditional cable slitters – the Miller® MB04 “Twister” Flat Drop Cable Slitter. Engineered for quick one-handed operation, its precision blades easily cut through both sides of cable jackets on cable mid-spans and ends safely exposing fiber without damage. Its patent-pending articulating hinge opens and closes around the cable without disassembling or the need for a latch. Compatible with a wide range of flat cable brands including Commscope®, Corning, Draka/Comteq, OFS, Prysmian, Superior Essex and more. In alignment with Ripley’s dedication to worker safety, the ergonomic design and shielded blades ensure safe operation.

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