Measure the next-generation, high-speed digital-interface standards with Anritsu’s MP1900A

Stand C1

15th May 2024

Network interfaces are transitioning to faster standards, PCI bus interface speeds reached 64Gbps PAM4 and the equipment and chipsets using these interfaces support multi-channels and multi-protocols. To perform the physical layer evaluation of these high-speed interfaces, choose the Anritsu’s Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A. This high-performance BERT with excellent expandability and all-in-one design is ideal for early-stage R&D evaluations of all interfaces covering next-generation Ethernet networks to bus interconnects. Thanks to top quality pulse pattern generators and high-sensitivity error detectors, it ensures precise signal integrity analysis. The integrated noise generator and up to 10Tap Emphasis function tackle PCIe Gen6 and USB4 tolerance tests effortlessly.

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