MaxLinear’s Transimpedance Amplifiers (TIA)

Stand 776

24th May 2023

Part of our leading high-speed interconnect portfolio, MaxLinear’s Topanga family of transimpedance amplifiers (TIA) provide high-speed signal amplification in optical communication systems, including fiber-optic networks. The Topanga family consists of three low power options: single-channel linear, 4-channel linear, and 8-channel linear. They support 56GBaud PAM4 symbol rates, offer best-in-class crosstalk performance, and are available in bare die. Topanga offers industry-leading sensitivity, low noise, and high linearity, making them ideal for use in demanding applications where high-performance is critical, including QSFP-DD800 optical module, OSFP optical module, QSFP112 optical module, SFP optical module, CPO, and 5G wireless fronthaul.

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