LuxQuanta: a trailblazer in delivery of cost-effective and ultra-secure technology for data confidentiality with novel Continuous Variable Quantum Key Distribution (CV-QKD) systems – LuxQuanta, Stand 60

Stand 60

17th August 2022

QKD systems can distribute cryptographic keys between users with the highest level of security as they rely on the unique properties of quantum physics instead of mathematical algorithms.

QKD solutions are gaining momentum around the world, and especially in Europe where the European Commission has recently allocated Millions of Euros in funding for its development and deployment to ensure the confidentiality of its communications.

On May 2021, LuxQuanta was born in Barcelona to develop a novel QKD technology named Continuous Variable QKD (CV-QKD), a high-performance and cost-effective quantum cryptography solution easier to integrate than its predecessors into existing optical network infrastructures.

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