Lower latency & longer distance 800G OSFP Active Copper Cable from Tanlink

Stand F49

20th March 2024

Tanlink’s 800G OSFP Active Copper Cables provide high-speed data transfer and low latency for all your needs. These cables offer improved signal integrity and longer reach, making them ideal for extended distances of 4-5 meters when compared to 800G OSFP passive copper cables.

The 800G OSFP Active Copper cable is compatible with 400Gb/s NVIDIA end-to-end Infiniband and Ethernet solutions. It is primarily used to connect an 800Gb/s Quantum-2 switch or Spectrum-4 switch to an OSFP/QSFP112 based 200Gb/s ConnectX-7 PCIe network adapter card/BlueField-3 DPU.

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