Low-Profile Optical Module: LIGHTPASS® EOB-II 128G

Stand C115

15th May 2024

The LIGHTPASS® series from I-PEX are multi-mode active optical modules with an on-board silicon photonics IC which uses QD-LD. It is the first product line of its kind in the world.
The LIGHTPASS® EOB-II 128G low-profile optical module measures 18.6 x 36.3 x 3.8 mm and features 32 G x 4 ch NRZ bidirectional transmission. It may be operated stably in high-temperature environments up to 100 ℃ and it is applicable for PCIe Gen5 optical network interface cards. Power consumption is 3.0W (nom.); mating direction is horizontal; and, it achieves good heat dissipation.

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