KDPOF Endorses IEEE 802.3cz Standard Entering the Finishing Straight of Final Release

Stand 937

26th April 2023

KDPOF celebrates the advance of the proposed IEEE 802.3cz standard to the IEEE 802.3 Standard Approval Ballot stage. The proposed IEEE 802.3cz automotive optical multi-gigabit standard draft specifies 2.5GBASE-AU, 5GBASE-AU, 10GBASE-AU, 25GBASE-AU, and 50GBASE-AU physical layers using bend-insensitive OM3 glass fiber from leading suppliers.

The multi-gigabit capabilities the draft standard specifies will also be critical for the continued evolution of driver-assist and ultimately autonomous vehicle operation. A specially dedicated Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) side channel will be available for dependability and link management. The draft standard also includes error correction capabilities to provide bit error rates better than 10-12.

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