Intel demonstrates 800G transceivers at ECOC 2022

Stand at Virtual Catch Up

12th October 2022

Intel Corporation, a leading supplier of Silicon Photonics products in the hyperscale CSP market, demonstrated its 800G transceivers for the data center over 15km of single mode fiber at ECOC 2022 in Basel. Intel is currently sampling 2x400G-FR4 and 800G DR8 transceivers and its broad portfolio includes 400G-LR4, 400G-FR4, 400G-DR4+, 200G FR4, 100G CWDM4, 100G LR4 and 100G PSM4, all in full production. With more than 5 million units in the field, Intel’s proven and advanced Silicon Photonics platform includes monolithically integrated lasers, increasing manufacturing throughput and product reliability.

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