InGaAs/InP Geiger Mode APD device

Stand D84

15th May 2024

This InGaAs/InP Geiger Mode APD device was specially designed and fabricated for the use of single
photon avalanche detection (SPAD) with in ternal cooling systems . It can be operated at the voltage
above breakdown for short period which is called by Geiger mode or Gated mode operation. Ultra
low noise operation is possible at t he temperature of 40  C. It can be used for quantum key
distribution(QKD) receiver.

+ Low capacitance less than 0.3pF and high speed
+ Operation between 1100nm and 1600nm
+ Coaxial type pigtail
+ Low noise
+ 10 pin Butterfly type Mini Flat package
+ Built in 3 stage cooling system

+ Special application such as QKD, OTDR etc, which requires single photon counting application

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