Infinera’s Advanced Coherent TROSAs

Stand 722 & 727

29th March 2023

Leveraging Infinera’s U.S.-based, in-house indium phosphide (InP) fab, Infinera’s new line of TROSAs is based on unique monolithically integrated photonic integrated circuits (PICs). Infinera’s TROSAs reduce loss between components, provide increased control over optical functions, and enable greater flexibility in component design. The resulting solution produces industry-leading size, power efficiency, flexibility, and optical performance, with 0 dBm output power levels to support a greater number of network applications. The initial set of products includes three TROSAs: ICTR32, ICTR64, and ICTR140, with nominal baud rates of 32 Gbaud, 64 Gbaud, and 140 Gbaud respectively.