Industry’s Top 400 Gb/s QSFP-DD Transceiver: Best Performance, Broadest Applications

Stand A14

15th May 2024

With 14 transmission modes, embedded amplification, and multiservice OTN/Ethernet support, Ciena’s WaveLogic 5 Nano (WL5n) 100G-400G Universal QSFP-DD Transceiver is the highest performance 400 Gb/s QSFP-DD transceiver in the industry. This award-winning product supports interoperable 400ZR/400ZR+ as well as high performance proprietary PKT-MAX and OTN-MAX at 70 GBaud to deliver space and power-efficient 100-400 Gb/s for all applications. The WL5n Universal QSFP-DD is optimized for ease of deployment across access and aggregation, single-span Data Center Interconnect (DCI), and metro/regional transport, over all types of photonic line systems.

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