Flexcompute’s Large-Scale Tidy3D Solver Enhanced with Automated Inverse Design

Stand 746

26th September 2023

Tidy3D, the leading simulation tool for high-speed, large-scale simulations, now comes with an inverse design plugin that allows users to efficiently optimize devices like on-chip couplers, bends and mode converters. The power of the Tidy3D solver to tackle large problems quickly has been coupled with the convenience of Google’s JAX library for automatic gradient tracking, and the result is an optimization tool that can finally bring inverse design from the realms of academia into industry applications. For that purpose, the plugin simplifies the entire optimization process, including applying fabrication constraints, and requires no prior inverse design experience to create production-ready designs.

Learn more about Tidy3D: https://www.flexcompute.com/tidy3d/landing-page/
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