Enable next-gen O-band coherent modules validation with the Keysight´s O-band 800G N4391B

Stand 219

24th May 2023

Keysight’s N4391B optical modulation analyzer (OMA) addresses your coherent measurement needs and protects your investment.

With the new N4391B-E02 option, Keysight enables all known C/L-band OMA test features for the O-band. Furthermore, the N4391B provides an easy upgradability path for bandwidth with simple license installation to allow more bandwidth on the fly.

With an ever-growing need for higher data rates with improved power efficiency, data center interconnects can benefit from the coherent approach by combining it with emerging O-band silicon photonics technologies. The N4391B O-band OMA version is the best possible analyzer for the validation of 800LR coherent pluggable modules.

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