Connecting the digital world with Keysight – Considering PAM 6 and PAM 8 – Keysight, Stand 101

Stand 101

17th August 2022

Data center related standards are pushing toward 1.6 Terabit per second (Tbps) transmission to support the ever-increasing consumer demand for more data. This process is a massive jump in speed. Various modulation formats are being investigated to accomplish these new speeds, including PAM4, PAM6, and PAM8.

Keysight foresaw the shifts in the industry and developed a new receiver test platform to help meet these challenges. The new M8050A High-Performance 120 GBd BERT supports PAM4, PAM6, and PAM8 and offers uncompromised signal integrity. Find out more about how Keysight supports the evolution of 800G technology to 1.6T.