ColorChip Group to demonstrate an extended line of 800G connectivity solutions at ECOC, September 18-22nd

Stand 129

22nd July 2022

ColorChip Group continues to deliver on its promise to the industry and will be showcasing both Active Copper, Loopbacks and AOCs in a QSFP and OSFP form factors. Please visit us for a live demo of the following products:
• 800G AOC QSFP-DD, 10m
• 800G Active DAC (Redriver) OSFP & QSFP-DD800, 5m
• 800G Active DAC (Retimer) – QSFP-DD800, 5m
• 800G Active Loopback (Retimer) – QSFP-DD800 programmable power up to 25W

We are looking forward to meeting you and address your needs,
The ColorChip team