Coherent Wins ECOC 2022 Award for Optical Integration With 400G ZR+ QSFP-DD-DCO Transceiver

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20th September 2022

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Coherent Corp. (Nasdaq: COHR), a leader in optical communications transceivers, today announced that its 400G ZR+ QSFP-DD-DCO transceiver has won the 2022 ECOC Exhibition Industry Award for Optical Integration.

The 400G ZR+ transceiver’s high transmit output power of 0 dBm enables true IP-over-DWDM deployments in metro and regional optical transport networks, eliminating an entire layer of optical equipment and thereby significantly reducing both capital and operational expenditures for network operators.

“This award for optical integration speaks to our ability to transform line cards into industry-standard pluggable modules,” said Dr. Sanjai Parthasarathi, Chief Marketing Officer. “The availability of 400G with such high output power in a QSFP-DD form factor is a game-changer due to its compatibility with router interfaces. Now, service providers can connect routers directly to access, metro, and regional optical transport networks without client interfaces. This IP-over-DWDM network architecture achieves huge savings in upfront costs and ongoing expenses.”

The 400G ZR+ QSFP-DD-DCO transceiver is based on advanced proprietary indium phosphide technology, which is an intrinsic enabler of the transceiver’s 0 dBm output power. Furthermore, indium phosphide components consume a low enough amount of power to be suitable for the small QSFP-DD form factor.

In March 2022, Windstream Wholesale announced that it successfully completed field trials using the 400G ZR+ QSFP-DD-DCO transceiver from Coherent. The trial was conducted over a 1000 km link between Phoenix and Los Angeles. Windstream also demonstrated transmission over up to 24 cascaded reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers (ROADMs) in a lab environment.

Coherent is showcasing the 400G ZR+ QSFP-DD-DCO transceiver in a live demonstration this week at ECOC 2022 in Basel, Switzerland. Dr. Gert Sarlet, Director of Product Management, will present a talk at ECOC’s Market Focus titled “Coherent Optics in Client Pluggable Form Factor Enables IP-over-DWDM in Disaggregated Transport Networks” on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 11:35-11:55 CEST.