Cisco Demonstrates Coherent Multi-Haul Leadership with Subsea, Ultra Long Haul, Long Haul, and Metro Trials up to 1.2T Capacity

Stand B133

12th June 2024

Cisco, in collaboration with Microsoft, successfully executed a cutting-edge 800Gbps transmission trial on the Amitié transatlantic cable, using the NCS 1014 2.4T WDM Line Card and the Coherent Interconnect Module 8 (CIM 8) to support exponential growth in cloud and AI services which requires increased subsea network capacity to improve overall network performance. AARNet (Australia’s Academic and Research Network) recently announced  the successful execution of the longest distance 400 Gigabits per second (Gbps) transmission trial ever reported on the Indigo subsea cable system, as well as other terrestrial trials using the same solution. Previously , Verizon, and Windstream Wholesale announced trials with up to 1.2T wavelength capacity as well.

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